When life gives you a thousand reasons to be sad, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile… and that include having the perfect, white teeth! Be at ease as this Ampang dentist will always have your back!

Rose Dental is a dental clinic based in Ampang, Selangor. They offer amazing deals in which many of their visitors are highly satisfied with the warm treatment throughout their sessions at the clinic.

It is normal for an individual to feel nervous and jittery at the thought of lying defencelessly with an open mouth all the time, all while a masked stranger digging into your mouth…

Oh yes, you’re not the only one, trust me! Not only that, if you’ve come with small children, you’d have more things to be concerned about while receiving your treatment.

Worry not, because this Ampang dentist is widely known for their family friendly environment. It is one of the major factors for this clinic to be the popular choice of the residents of this district. You’d be welcomed by the harmonious staff, while your toddlers get to have fun at the playground provided at the premise. Rest assured that your comfort is their top priority!

When you look for a good dentist to put your oral condition in their care, obviously you would seek for the ones with outstanding facilities, and this Ampang dentist got exactly that.

Rose Dental puts the quality of their hospitality to be top-notch for you as their patient. It is your right to receive intensive care from start to finish, and Rose Dental wishes to respect that.

They ceaselessly encourage their staff to continuously seek knowledge and polish their skills in order to give you only the best possible. Also, you can sit back and relax because this dental clinic takes hygiene very seriously. Each equipment and every area used for treatment sessions are sterilised thoroughly for the sake of your prosperity.

Now, now… you’ve got cool facilities, great hospitality, and outstanding doctors… Of course the cost of treatment would be tremendous, right?? Believe it or not, at this Ampang dentist, every service and treatment are offered at low prices! Even better if you’re lucky, you could have also gone after their amazing promotions at way more affordable prices.

That’s not the end! The variety of services definitely makes this Ampang dentist your best pick! You best believe that a line of knowledgeable and skilled doctors and assistants are on their mark to assure your teeth are strong and healthy.

Let’s check out what services that put Rose Dental on the map!

First of all, you can get your regular dental consultation and diagnosis. The medical practitioners at this clinic are highly experienced in making accurate diagnosis and they are ready to listen to your oral problems while keeping you comfortable and relaxed throughout your session.

Secondly, you can get teeth scaling once in every six months at this Ampang dentist to thoroughly get rid of plague and tartar. If needed, dental fillings will be given as an early treatment to prevent damaged or decayed tooth and restore its original shape and function.

Third, root canal treatment is a dental procedure used at the clinic to treat infection at the centre of a tooth. Sounds scary, isn’t it? But it’s not as bad as it sounds! Root canal treatment is not actually painful, and in fact can save your tooth that could otherwise need to be removed completely.

Fourth, veneer treatment can be done by covering a thin layer on the front teeth to correct a wide range of teeth that are stained or have decayed beyond saving. 

Fifth, Rose Dental has the facility to produce false teeth that are thin and comfortable to wear for a long time, all while looking natural and beautiful so you could smile all the time, since it’s a free therapy, said the good old Douglas Horton.

Sixth, crowns and bridges are available as a fixed solution to missing or damaged teeth. Prosthetic devices are used through the restorative procedure in order to return your smile to its natural state. A crown is used to bring back the tooth structure that is damaged or fractured, while a bridge is used when one or more teeth are missing.

Seventh, stained teeth can be solved through bleaching at Rose Dental. Stained teeth is indeed common as we grow older, but don’t let this rob the confident smile off of your face!

Every dentist would do all they can to save a tooth from being removed. However, sometimes a tooth is better off if it is causing you long term disruption. In that case, Rose Dental offers tooth removal, and wisdom tooth surgery as parts of their services.

Last but not least, you can also receive Fibre Reinforced Composite (FRC) service which functions more or less similar to bridges, but at lower price.

Isn’t it so eye-opening to learn how many things we can do for our oral care?? 

Additionally, at Rose Dental, the management of patients’ data is fully computerised in order to achieve maximum efficiency at online bookings.

You can visit this Ampang dentist at 1-1-6, Blok 1, City Garden Commercial Centre, Jalan Nirwana 1, Taman Nirwana, 68000 Ampang Jaya, Selangor.

Rose Dental operates every day including the weekend, so it’d be convenient for you to slip in an appointment into your schedule.

Are you having oral trouble?? You may contact the clinic via Whatsapp at 01116690532, or browse their website at https://rosedental.my/ to make an appointment. You can also get notified with every post as long as you follow their official Instagram account, @rosedental.my.There is always a reason to smile, you just have to find it. This Ampang dentist wishes nothing more than to be an assistance for you to retrieve your smile with strong, beautiful perfect teeth!

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